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Linwood Cemetery now offers the first Ossuary in the area, bringing new choices to memorialize your loved ones!


Cremation has been a funerary practice for thousands of years and a popular option to full-casket burial for decades. Cremation rates are predicted to reach 80% in the next decade. Clearly, cremation is no longer just a religious or financial decision, but also a question of personal preference and convenience.


In April 2022, a new Ossuarium arrived and was installed at Linwood Cemetery, to meet the growing demand.  The Ossuarium provides additional options for interment of funerary ashes in a convenient structure.

The ossuarium is a combined unit of 48 single niches for the placement of single cremation urns and 48 double niches for 2 cremation urns or one "double urn".  In addition, a center ossuary is available for the placement of cremation ashes into one location. A black marble obelisk is seated next to the ossuarium, listing the names, birth and death dates for those placed in the ossuary.

Below are a sampling of our varied inventory of beautiful vessels and memorials for sale to hold your ossuary ashes.

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