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We hope you find peace amid our quiet and beautiful grounds.  Linwood Cemetery is an All-Faiths cemetery sacredly devoted to the respectful burial and memory of your loved ones.  The following Rules and Regulations were designed to find a balance between the emotional needs of families and the guiding principles of providing a well-maintained ground that are safe for visitors and staff.


We welcome you to adorn grave markers with annual live plants and flowers and/or American Flags 12” x 18” on a 24” wooden dowel or smaller, within 12 inches of the marker.  This is to ensure your placements aren't inadvertently destroyed by mowers and trimmers.  Linwood Cemetery is the home of many wild deer, racoons and turkeys, who may browse on live plants and flowers and may chew and destroy attractive silk and artificial arrangements.  Please refer to your local garden center for advice.

Bouquets of fresh/plastic/silk flowers may be placed in approved monument vase units attached to markers or on top of markers using a saddle.

    The Linwood Cemetery no longer provides flower or wreath orders nor provides staffing to place wreaths and flowers upon graves.   

Thank you.

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