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About Linwood Cemetery

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A Unique Part of Dubuque History

The Linwood Cemetery Association, founded in 1875 by a group of "Key City" pioneers, foresaw great growth of our community. Since then, Linwood Cemetery has served the burial needs of our community and surrounding areas with approximately 60,000+ interred to date. Also unique to Linwood, our Cemetery proudly honors Veterans in a very special way with Memorial Flags lining the main streets of the Cemetery displayed from Veterans Day through Independence Day. These Flags each have names and rank of the Soldiers, attached on each pole, in remembrance of their most honored sacrifice.  In addition, the Cemetery features a Civil War Memorial section complete with a stunning central marker with cannons flanking the plot.  The Linwood Cemetery Association is a non-profit organization and receives support from the State of Iowa through the Department of Insurance. We are always grateful for donations of support to keep the Cemetery and maintenance equipment in good order.

A Quiet Place of Reflection

We strive to create a pleasant place of peace within these sacred and beautiful grounds for our Visitors to enjoy and find comfort in.  Linwood Cemetery is an "All-Faiths", all inclusive, full service, Perpetual Care cemetery.

We are devoted to the respectful burial and memory of your loved ones.  We offer the choice of Traditional burial plots or Mausoleum/Ossuarium spaces. Burial plots are available in most areas of the cemetery.  The Linwood Cemetery Manager and Office Staff and happy to answer any questions you may have in regard to the burial planning process.

Rose Ames - Linwood Cemetery Manager
Rose manages every facet of the operations of Linwood Cemetery, in collaboration with the Linwood Cemetery Association Board of Directors and the State of Iowa .

Customer Service Office 

Office Hours: Mon-Fri 8:00 am - 1:00 pm.  Appointments may be available, outside these hours, by request.

We offer caring, compassionate and respectful assistance in choosing internment sites for Traditional and Cremation burials and arranging for Veteran Flag and Pole Memorials to be installed and displayed from Memorial Day through Independence Day.

Perpetual Care

Our Cemetery provides grounds upkeep and driveway maintenance for perpetuity.


Finding a Grave and Genealogy Services

Our Cemetery staff is happy to help locate a grave of a family member. We also offer multiple name and genealogy search services, for a fee.  Feel free to contact our office for details.

Grounds Keeping Staff

Our grounds staff ranges in number as the seasons change.  The grounds staff are professionally trained to provide the best possible landscape services.  Our burial crew prepares for and attends Funerals with dignity and respect, helping to make the Linwood experience as comfortable as possible.


The City of Dubuque Law Enforcement regularly patrols the Linwood Cemetery area and are on call 24/7 to assist as needed.



The Linwood Association Board of Directors

Ryan Bryte - President

Dennis Avenarius -

Ken Miller - Secretary

Timothy Butler - Treasurer


Mark Liaboe

Myra Delong

Emma Sundberg

Robin O'Connor

Susan Hess

Bradley Chalmers

Honorary Board Members
Wallace Brown
Donald Moody
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